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User Webinar

October - 2015
Missed our October webinar on "Shared Case Management" ? Click here to watch it now!

Melanie Langston ( ), Coordinator for Gift of Hope in Brandon, FL shares how they you use a holiday community outreach to unite churches and mobilize the community to serve the needs of families during the holidays (and year round).   


Through examples of practical application we were able to cover the following topics to further your “toolbox” in utilizing Meet The Need:


We will also dive into the best practices of how to:

  • search and enter families you are helping

  • post needs for those families and share with your members/volunteers

  • record what you have given to families in need

  • schedule families to come back at a future date to receive goods/services (toys, food, etc.)

  • check-in families the day of your event

  • manage family reports 

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