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Link2Hope Promotional Video Produced by Silker Studios

March 7, 2024

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Link2Hope empowers churches and Christians to connect and serve struggling individuals and families year-round.  They don't need to wait until the next "outreach" event to volunteer for an afternoon at a homeless mission, where they're unlikely to actually meet and interact with anyone who's homeless.  Link2Hope inserts members into intentional, caring "circles" around those who are lonely and hopeless.  Poverty occurs and endures due to broken relationships, so flourishing hinges on restoring and building personal relationships. 


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WDBJ7 News Station in Roanoke, VA -
Story of Link2Hope Launch in Roanoke

March 7, 2024

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - People struggling in the Roanoke area now have access to an online platform where they can receive resources from those in the community.

Link2Hope was brought to Roanoke by an organization in Tampa, Florida called Meet The Need. They partnered with Friendship House to focus on relationships rather than handouts when it comes to meeting the needs in the community.


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Link2Hope Testimonials Video from Pilot of Link2Hope in Roanoke, VA

March 7, 2024

Link2Hope leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a proverbial “hand-up” by building sustainable circles of support around families, empowering them to plot their own course to a brighter future.  It offers those feeling isolated hope in our Savior and comfort in the knowledge they’re not alone.  It shows those not knowing where to turn more options so they don’t always approach the same individual, ministry or church for help.  It suggests resources with roadmaps to change lives, not just get through life.

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Jim Morgan and Doug Hart of Restoring Hope Roanoke and Friendship House discuss how Link2Hope came to Roanoke

March 9, 2024

For 15 years Meet The Need watched event-oriented, transactional compassion fuel a precipitous decline in usage of our platforms following each Christmas.  In 2018 we assembled our team to brainstorm a year-round, relational solution to that problem.  Fast forward to last week as we celebrated the launch the application that emerged from those meetings.  Between 2018 and 2024 were countless miracles, partnerships, donations, design sessions, programming, and testing – as well as a beta and pilot with ministry partners in Roanoke, VA who are already seeing the value of Link2Hope.


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Jim Morgan talks with Carmen LaBerge of Mornings with Carmen LaBerge on Faith Radio.

October 22nd, 2020

Jim Morgan of Meet The Need talks about one of his recent blog post, society’s questionable claim of moral high ground. Click the link at the bottom of the grey box. Listen as he talks about how our words have been redefined to no longer have biblical meaning and how they have been changed to fit modern-day culture.”


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Jim Morgan takes a moment to talk with Jonathan Butler of Orphan Care Alliance.

November 6th, 2020

Jim Morgan sits down with Johnathan Butler of Orphan's Care Alliance, an organization focusing on equipping the body of Christ to lead the efforts of caring for the foster care and adoptive community in Kentucky and southern Indiana. Jim talks about the disconnect of the church to truly serve those in need and its decline on focusing on compassion.


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Jim Morgan joins "Into the night" with Pastor Mike Douglass of Advancing Vibrant Communities in Modesto, CA.

July  2020

Interview with Jim Morgan of Meet the Need: Should the Church Return to "Normal" in the wake of COVID-19?  Was the church healthy before COVID-19?  Thought providing interview about the church in America, and if God is doing a new thing...and "do (we) not perceive it?" (Isaiah 43:19). 

Jim Morgan Shares his Journey to Create Meet The Need on CITYCOMMIT's Digital Coffee Series.

June  2020

Brian Yost, Co-Founder and President of CITYCOMMIT, sits down with Jim Morgan as a part of their Digital Coffee Series. As a former Investment Banker on Wall Street, Legislative Aid to a U.S. Congressman on Capitol Hill, MBA from the University of Chicago and 15 years as a Management Consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Jim was in the midst of a solid business career. He searched for volunteer opportunities with local churches and Christian charities but struggled to find something that would take advantage of the skills he had to offer. Read More...

Jim Morgan joins 1Word Podcast to discuss leadership differences in the business and ministry spheres.

March 2020



Jim Morgan, President and CEO of Meet the Need, joins the show to discuss his story of shifting from a very successful business career into the ministry world. We get to ask Jim about how he came into the world of ministry, what made him go that direction, and what the ministry he started is all about! Jim provides great wisdom for young professionals navigating career and calling today. Learn more at

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Tampa Bay Non-profit Helps Solve Hunger Problem

December 2014


TAMPA, Florida -- A Tampa Bay area non-profit is doing its part to help eliminate hunger by creating software that helps save food that would otherwise be wasted or thrown out. Jim Morgan, founder of Meet the Need, said his company has partnered with Feeding America, a national network of food banks to develop an online food rescue marketplace.

Software Helps Groups Spread Charity More Evenly

November  2014


TAMPA, Florida – With the holidays upon us, local charities are kicking their giving seasons into high gear, and one local non-profit has developed software to help charities efficiently serve the less fortunate, and to make sure resources are spread evenly and fairly. "Some families might get a lot of help…others might get left out because of limited resources," said Jim Morgan, founder of Meet the Need.


Nonprofit’s founder meets need for Free Software

April  2013

TAMPA - Jim Morgan was living the fast life 12 years ago, charging banks $470 an hour for consulting advice and traveling four days a week, when he dreamed up his worst business idea.He would develop a software program that would help churches run their food banks and toy drives more efficiently.He would give away his product for free.  “Who else is going to spend 10 years and spend millions to make this software to give it away?” said Morgan, 47. “It’s one of the worst business ideas you could ever think of.”


Meet The Need endorses Unconditional The Movie

September  2012

​Meet The Need Ministries, Inc. announces collaboration on ACT campaign with the endorsement of Unconditional the movie. The ACT campaign challenges moviegoers to become proactive in volunteering and mentoring children and youth in their communities. With many ministry partners on board across the nation for the September 21st release, Unconditional has become a catalyst to connect individuals with local serving opportunities.

More NEWs......

Central Arkansas Community Urged to Participate in Early Childhood Reading Initiative

September  2012

In response to the staggering statistic that almost 31 percent of fourth-grade students in the three Pulaski County school districts read below grade level, a collaborative community effort called AR Kids Read was launched on Tuesday. With a goal of having all third-grade students reading at third-grade level before moving ahead, the backbone of the initiative will be volunteers who commit to a minimum of 30 minutes each week.


Christian Emergency Network and ASSIST News Combine to Help Believers Respond to Colorado Fires

 June 2012


ANTHEM, AZ (ANS) -- With hundreds of homes destroyed, tens of thousands displaced in Colorado,

and now at least 3 million people on the East Coast without power in extreme heat conditions, many believers across the country may be wondering how they can help those in distress.

ASSIST News asked Mary Marr, of the Arizona-based Christian Emergency Network (CEN) , for some practical ways American Christians can respond.



Online Resources Connect McKinney Volunteers with Community Needs
 June 2012

Thanks to technology that matches local charities with people willing to lend a hand, volunteers in McKinney can sign up to help their favorite cause. It’s as easy as scanning the computer and clicking a mouse.

The spark of invention that led to McKinney charities using a new Internet platform called Meet the Need started 10 years ago in Atlanta with a man named Jim Morgan. He went to his church to ask how he could make a difference in the community, saying he wanted to volunteer outside the church walls.

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