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user webinar

January - 2015
If you missed our January Webinar on "External Focus" Click Here to watch it now.

Marcia Goodwin, Assistant of Life Missions at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, FL will be joining us. She is sharing how they implemented Meet The Need through events, partnerships, and teams to be a more externally focused church. It is amazing to see how their members have embraced searching and adopting needs on their site, fulfilling community needs, and building relationships with others.

Meet The Need is enabling them to change the culture of their church to a lifestyle of serving year-round which is ultimately changing their city. Hear how you can put Meet the Need to work for you in the same ways.

We will dive into practical ways to share Meet The Need with your partner churches and community organizations. Sharing is what takes the workload off church staffs, allows ministries to gain attention, enables more needs to be met, and transforms a city for Christ.”

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