Software Helps Groups Spread Charity More Evenly

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Emerald Morrow,  November, 2014
One local non-profit has developed software to help charities efficiently serve, and make sure resources are spread evenly and fairly.

TAMPA, Florida – With the holidays upon us, local charities are kicking their giving seasons into high gear, and one local non-profit has developed software to help charities efficiently serve the less fortunate, and to make sure resources are spread evenly and fairly.


"Some families might get a lot of help…others might get left out because of limited resources," said Jim Morgan, founder of Meet the Need.

Morgan's software allows charities to register families into a database, and coordinate visits among various charities like Toys for Tots and Metropolitan Ministries.


"There's only so many resources to go around, so we don't want to duplicate efforts," said Tim Marks, president of Metropolitan Ministries.


Morgan began developing software for charities after spending years in the for-profit business world. He said he saw a gap between churches and charities, and wanted to help build a bridge that would help those groups work together and better serve the needy.

His software does everything from help charities organize volunteers, to coordinate pick-up times for goods during very busy events and charity giveaways. And while the software can be used as a tool to help make sure people aren't abusing charity, Morgan said it's not about policing those in need.


"To me, it's not about tracking or measuring, it's making sure we're responsible," said Morgan. "It's just trying to be smart about how we take what limited food we have…and toys and things like that, and just be smarter about how we distribute that to families in need."


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