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Little Rock, Arkansas

Thousands of students tutored by local church members

Several years ago the city of Little Rock, Arkansas recognized that nearly 50% of fourth grade students in Central Arkansas were reading below grade level—and community leaders identified K-12 education as the top issue affecting the economic future of their region. As a solution was researched, it was quickly recognized that consistent one-to-one tutoring coupled with effective mentor training and support was the key.


“People began to ask ‘How will we find these volunteers and where will they come from?’ and we were at the table to say ‘We have relationships with hundreds of churches, ministries, and civic groups,’” shared Traci Wheelis at The Nehemiah Network. The Network has been a Christ-centered leader in the community for over a decade.


After successful pilots at several elementary schools in January 2012, the new school year will prompt The Nehemiah Network to launch AR Kids Read and use Meet The Need to post over 1,000 individual tutor needs for third graders throughout three school districts and assign team captains to 73 elementary schools.

“We can’t wait to hear the stories! For us, knowing that churches in our city are connecting with children and families in need of help is powerful. We know lives will be changed, and learning to read is just the starting point,” Traci said.

Meet The Need is humbled to be a part of ministry work like this throughout the nation. As the Church connects with those in need, miracles really do happen.

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