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User Webinar

March - 2015


If you missed our March webinar on "Effective Local Outreach" Click Here to watch it now.


“Hear the amazing journey of how Calvary Church in Clearwater, FL has built successful relationships with local organizations, other churches, and ministries, to give their members a variety of opportunities to serve in the community.

Patricia Marder, Director of Local Missions, will be sharing how Meet The Need is enabling Calvary Church to connect with the community like never before (through their partners, small group leaders, serving events, and missions needs). Hear how you can build a similar structure and strengthen relationships in your community.

"We have been using MTN since 2011 and it is creating a culture of serving here at Calvary."

Join Tonya Nichols, Meet The Need Member Service Director, as she dives into best practices related to the following local missions topics. Let us make your job easier by taking the workload off your staff while doing more in the name Christ.

• Families
• Partners
• Outreach Teams
• Events
• Communication”

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