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Meet The Need And Disaster Relief

The same tremendous communication gaps that exist year round in cities between those with needs and those who can help, exist in disaster relief. When disaster strikes, how are the urgent needs of local families shared with local churches, businesses and individuals?  How do they coordinate across the city about who is leading the efforts to help each family?  Are local organizations (and individuals associated with them) prepared to react and respond quickly?  Do we know who has assets and resources available should a natural disaster or emergency situation occur in our city?


No one doubts that our churches, charities and citizens have the ability and willingness to come to the aid of those in distress.  But do cities have the ability to mobilize all parties to where those skills and resources are best utilized.  The simple answer we hear from disaster relief organizations across the country is...NO.

Meet The Need has known for years we'd play a key role in solving that issue, and the need for our help is being confirmed daily by requests we're receiving.  Given the spate of disasters across the country, which seem to be occurring with increasing frequency, Meet The Need is now:


  1. Working with organizations on relief efforts for the Oklahoma tornadoes, long term recovery efforts in NY and Texas, etc., including tracking family assistance activities and coordinating volunteer efforts

  2. We are also in discussions with some of the largest and best known disaster relief organizations in the country about leveraging our tools to assist them (including our Asset Based Community Development capabilities)

  3. Building a dedicated disaster relief solution involving all 5 of our modules, in cooperation with some of those partners, to be released later this year.

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