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User Webinar

August - 2014
Missed our August webinar on Volunteer Management 3.0? Click here to watch it now!

Join us to hear directly from Jim Morgan, Meet The Need Founder and CEO as he shares the WHYS of MTN 3.0 and the vision of Meet The Need


Tonya Nichols, Project Manager of MTN 3.0, will walk you through the HOWS of the new MTN 3.0 features before we go live so you can prepare your staff and team leaders for the changes that are coming.  

Here are some of the main features you will see on the webinar.


  • mobile friendly pages

  • new search page (with a new calendar option)

  • shorter commitment process

  • group volunteering for all types of needs

  • volunteer check-in and real time reporting

  • simpler dashboard for admins

  • quick start on-boarding for new organizations

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