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Culture Change

The vision of Meet The Need is to generate a change in culture in how churches ,ministries and people interact. You can now connect resources with the click of a mouse.

Our system finally brings the technological advances of the 21st century to your organization at no cost.


With Meet The Need doing the administrative work for you it allows your church or ministry to spend more time directly affecting people who are in need of your services.

Our interactive system allow you to better contact, inform and rally your volunteers and members.

Acts of Service

Scripture teaches us that we are the hands and feet for God's will. Meet The Need enables your organization to more efficiently coordinate serving and outreach events.

Our system allows volunteers to go online and shop for opportunities to give back to the community.

With years of Fortune 500 marketing and business consulting under his belt, founder of Meet the Need, Jim Morgan followed his God-given passion to create a way to empower the church by using modern technology, while reducing administrative cost. Meet the Need allows for skill and resource sharing in order to support the needs of others.

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